I ain't no picasso.

It's me, yeay! :D

I got carried awaaaaaay~

…coming back home, is, strange.


The minute i clicked ‘BUY’ at the webpage that shows my return ticket from Hanoi to Jakarta, the excitement started to fill my core. It was the moment when I found a realization of how nice it would be to be coming home. 

As I made myself out of the hostel in a small lovely town in South England, my phone was ringing and it was my dear friend Maria telling me "girl, you passed! We passed!!" that splendid moment when I have been told that Master Degree is filling my menu NOW!

The job at the media was finished, the master degree have been earned, I’ve learned so many things and new cultures, I’ve made new friends whom two of them have become a big part of my life until now, I dated an Englishman, and i have traveled a lot within my 16 months of time living in England! I’ve got tons of experience in my pocket, and at that moment...I feel like coming home

One have said “go home when you’ve started to miss it”, yes, I miss it! Time to go home, then?

Decided to go exploring Vietnam first before reaching home, then my journey back home started with taking the flight to Saigon (South Vietnam) from Manchester. Vietnam was amazing and what makes it more exciting is the thought of coming home, like real soon. 

The day has come and I couldn’t catch myself not smiling on the day that I will be arriving at home. It was on the new year’s eve an airplane took me back to Jakarta from Hanoi. I saw two familiar faces once I stepped out from the airport in Jakarta..it was my two lovely friends picking me up. We were heading straight to a bar where our other mates were having new year’s party. Believe me, it is an amazing feeling to see your old friends again after a while. And as well, your ex.That was exactly the feeling that I have obsessed with within a month before coming home! 

It was an extremely good feeling..but wait, what will happen after, ummm,..let’s say, a week after coming home? Without any plan of: what will you do and how will you start over your new life at home.

what will you do when all your friends are busy working their asses off while you’re still busy unpacking your fucking things from your luggages?

What will you do when your mates and homies are busy planning about their wedding or even worse, some are still sad about their life, while you are so positive and bring all the good energy that you earned when you’re away — again, believe me, It is almost like a trend! — How should you react to this, should you be sad as well? 

What will you do when it is turned out that your soulmate doesn’t want you anymore after the only quality day you’ve spent together talking about your rich experience while you’re away when he feels like he doesn’t really have anything new actually? 

what will you do when what you’ve expected are not the same with what is happening at the moment…at home? 

You cannot really do anything, i’m afraid. You can only keep your new life going and embrace your new self. Be positive and be kind. Be humble and be secure. In the end, the only one  who’s coming home is you. the only one who is excited is you. the only one who just went abroad and traveled the globe and felt like she took everything new to her life, is you. the one who value life more, the one who knows that she wants to be happy, is you. 
people at home are still the same, they don’t change..you’re the one who have changed. 

that’s why coming back home, is, indeed…strange.